ITP Register

ITP Register

Skupina pro imunitní cytopenie, o.s., 2015

An application for collecting clinical data about treating Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), which was developed directly for Spolek after they decided for their own data collecting and terminated cooperation with their service company.

  • our first application which has been developed on the new HAVIT stack ASP.NET MVC + Entity Framework
  • thanks to a generous time schedule we have had enougth time for the investment to much newer internal libraries and procedures
  • for a few weeks at daily stand-up meetings we have ussually heard from Jirka that „we do seeding of data“ and the result is absolutely worth it
  • for better orientation we have had to try several commponent sets
  • during the development we have learnt to recognize advantages of MVC against WebForms in places where adventages don´t exist :-)
Edenred Web

Objednávky poukázek Edenred

Edenred CZ s.r.o., 2014 - 2018

An ordering system of meal tickets named Ticket Restaurant and other types of vouchers from the company Edenred CZ. An application allows the customers to split the order into several shipments, to specify the partition vouchers into envelopes, possiblity to choose gift packages, printing of vouchers or to upload all order from Excel file.

  • an application has replaced the previous french ordering system Cortex which was deveploed internally
  • the base of the application was the slovak ordering web system which we had supplied between 2011 and 2012 and we have been developing till now
  • again we had to make a lot of compromises by inputs of the backoffice system from Edenred
  • during the integration to the other parts of web Edenred we could show our creative side (we absolutely knocked it out)
  • the delicacy for us was the progresive migration of previos users basis
Edenred Web

Edenred Web

Edenred CZ s.r.o., 2014 - 2018

The main presentation web portal Edenred CZ was developed as covering for all services of company with single-sign-on accessing and one-stop-shop conception for users.

  • on this project we have proved the advantages of the agile approach to the customer which had been used to a conservative conception of contract Fix time-Fix price
  • the challenge for us was developing the Single-Sign-On center and the integration to other Edenreds systems
  • we reclaimed the Umbraco CMS for the support of web content
  • we had to tackle the HTML/CSS supplied by a third party
Edenred Ticket Junior

Ticket Junior Platform

Edenred CZ s.r.o., 2014 - 2018

WEB Portal covering an agenda connected with the operations service Ticket Junior – system for tax-benefits payments of kindergardens fees company Edenred.

  • we have developed the front-end for employees also the backend for an complete agenda of service
  • during this project we have gone through several rounds of fights for reorganization the production environment and we have survived a never ending corporate bureaucracy during the settings procedures among different parts of system
  • we have linked with our supplied Single-Sign-On to Edenred and have found out that is not good idea run dependent project to the production enviroment before the SSO part :-)
  • after a long time we had the possibility to implement the front-ends architecture fully dependent on the backend services (without own DB)
Evidence projektů ŠkoFIN

ŠkoFIN project records

ŠkoFIN, s.r.o., 2007 - 2018

An application for registering and reporting the projects of ŠkoFIN, s.r.o., a member of the Volkswagen group. Collecting data on projects, just-in-time development projects, reporting for management, graphs.

  • first, we had to succeed in the tender among the "big fish", and we did
  • the Microsoft SharePoint Office Server integration was a challenge
  • importing user data from Active Directory was easy
  • we were pleased to see the inegration with our Goran system, projects and project teams synchronize in both applications
Bontia Ultralight

Bontia Ultralight

BONTIA, a.s., 2013 - 2018

Application for on-line assembling of photo calendars, photo books and such products. Lightweight web version of Bontia Studio, which allows creation of photo calendars and similar photo-base products.

  • our investment to new technologies
  • first real experience with ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, AngularJS
  • integration to Bontia business web (delivered by us earlier) and backoffice systems
  • thinking of migration to Microsoft Azure environment
VŠZ Přihlašování ke zkouškám a zápočtům

Přihlašování ke zkouškám a zápočtům VŠZ

Vysoká škola zdravotnická / AVE Bohemia, 2013 - 2018

Processing of examinations - students sign up to participate, collecting evaluations and other stuff related to course examinations at Vysoká škola zdravotnická.

  • after successful delivery of application for electronic testing of students we have continued with supporting agenda
  • we have suggested to abandon SharePoint platform this time and both parties are happy with that decision
  • we have taken special care to Active Directory integration (including students) and classroom reservation subsystem
CME Workflow System

CME Workflow System

Central European Media Enterprises (CME), 2011 - 2018

An application for electronic document workflow. The primary application workflow covers key economic and operational agendas.

  • Purchasing Workflows - Purchase Orders, Incoming Invoices
  • Closing Process - Late Adjustment Journals + Traffic Lights System
  • Quarterly Submissions of Finance Directors & General Directors
  • HR Polices, Absences
  • the most difficult part was the reliable Microsoft Dynamics AX integration
  • the easy part was the feature for approving documents from the external network via the DMZ response-forwarder using buttons directly from notification e-mails
XEROX Chester

XEROX Chester

XEROX CZ, SK, HU, PL, RO, SI, IL, TR, RU, BG, 2010 - 2018

XEROX service portal and online store for ten Central and Eastern European countries. The application serves contracting clients for managing their service requirements and ordering consumer materials, distributors for purchasing goods, partners for ordering spare parts and paper, service technicians for reporting their trips and ordering parts.

  • we built the application from scratch, starting with analysis, continuing with the implementation and ending with full operation support
  • the integration with the SAP system, to which we are linked via web services, was the most demanding in terms of labor
  • after a year of successful operation for XEROX Czech Republic, the application was implemented for Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Israel and Turkey, with Russia and Bulgaria being currently launched
DSV Cash & Pallet Guard

DSV Cash & Pallet Guard

DSV Road, 2014 2018

Application for control of cash-related activities within groupage transport.

  • collection of money from cash on delivery (from drivers)
  • straightforward implementation in a matter of a few weeks
  • another piece of application to our portfolio in the field of transport services
CME Intranet Homepage

CME Intranet Homepage

Central European Media Enterprises (CME), 2012 - 2018

The home page of all CME employees, which replaced the existing intranet SharePoint homepage the client was not satisfied with when it came to maintenance and visual options.

  • a quick implementation of a simple administration interface within several days
  • the cherry on top was the integration with the Prague stock exchange and NASDAQ from which we retrieve data for share price graphs
  • data for several regions is retrieved from SharePointu via web services
  • one key feature is displaying the current weather ;-), we occupied ourselves with resolving the user's geo-position and loading date from the meteo-server


nexum Trilog, a.s., 2012 - 2018

Webmium is a simple tool for designing web presentations for small and medium-sized companies, individuals or non-profit organizations. Creating a web page using a web editor is quick and easy, even without the help of programmers or web designers.

  • we were given the project to stabilize and consolidate performance after the client terminated cooperation with the previous development team
  • we had to overcome the tricky Windows Azure platform and the nooks and crannies of ASP.NET
  • we fine-tuned the C# code, SQL communication and architecture
  • we put a lot of work in eliminating cursors, cleaning triggers and optimizing the IoC/DI Bootstrapper
  • to date we are still considered the last resort problem solver and support the in-house development team overcome obstacles they occasionally run into
CME Business Dictionary

CME Business Dictionary

Central European Media Enterprises (CME), 2011 - 2018

An application for managing, versioning and publishing the corporate financial reporting data model. Custom Master Data Management (MDM) system for a specific area.

  • one of few applications which he had no idea what was required after reading the inquiry specifications :-))
  • nevertheless, we analyzed through dimensions, their components, versioning, publishing and dynamic structure until we came up with the specifications for the specific Master Data Management solution
  • it was hard work coping with the full implementation of the database including the versioning of records
  • after unsuccessful struggles with the DevExpress ASPxTreeList, we implemented our own hierarchic drop-down grid/li>
L'Oreal Mixa

Mixa Microsite

L'Oreal / DarkSide, 2013

Presentation microsite for Mixa - product line of french manufacturer of cosmetics - L'Oreal.

  • micro- content management system
  • several localized mutations - CZ, SK, BG, RS
  • managed by agancy (graphics, content, ...)
  • deployment to Verizon corporate webhosting
  • pilot project to test cooperation with DarkSide agency, where we have realized that presentation microsites do not belong to our list of preferences
TEVA Online průzkumy

TEVA Online Průzkumy

Teva Pharmaceuticals CR, s.r.o., 2012 - 2018

An application for online questionnaires and surveys. It was originally intended to replace the data on the effects of medication collected by physicians on paper. In the end, it was generalized for random external and internal questioning.

  • we played around with generating the user interface of applications, which not only is capable of collecting answers, but can also modify them afterwards
  • the multi-layer access right system allows processing results per region, according to individual representatives, etc.
  • respondents can be approached selectively and the survey can therefore focus, for example, on a certain medical specialization

CME GOGU Research Portal

Central European Media Enterprises (CME), 2011 - 2013

An internal publication web for presenting the results of Research Group CME. The editorial system is used to submit new articles, reports or videos. Newsletters are sent out according to the area of interest and access rights.

  • we put a lot of work into the custom-developed editorial system with a specific data organization structure and many levels of access rights
  • we survived the replacement of several graphic designers and many iterations of graphic designs ;-)
  • the MySQL external data source integration with program information was easy
  • combining integrated authentication and form sign in for internal and external networks was a treat for us
Edenred Rychlá objednávka

Rychlá objednávka

Edenred Slovakia, s.r.o., 2011 - 2018

Ordering system for Ticket Restaurant food stamps and other types of vouchers from Edenred Slovakia. The system allows clients to divide their order into several consignments, specify the distribution of vouchers into envelopes, select gift packaging, print on vouchers or upload the entire order from Excel.

  • the application replaced the existing French ordering system named Cortex, which was developed internally
  • we designed the system and grieved over all of the compromises we were forced to make because of the Distribution back-office system, integrated via web services
  • the client being from Bratislava did not present an obstacle at all
Registr ITP

Registr ITP

Research Partners s.r.o., 2011 - 2014

An application for the mass collection of clinical data on idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). Our first experience with the medical industry, supporting clinical evaluation and clinical studies.

  • it was interesting to come to grips with medical terminology and analyze the structures and relations within the collected clinical data
  • we spent several iterations fine-tuning the forms and their validations, making the submission as easy as possible for medical officers
  • we are responsible for entire data collection system from a technical point of view

Homeport Frontend

HOMEPORT, s.r.o., 2011 - 2018

A web front end for the automatic city bike rental system. User registration, purchasing credit, tracking the account balance, rental history, or online maps of bike stations including information about bike availability.

  • creating a front end that would allow us to integrate with the existing websites of each system operator was very challenging for us
  • we had fun integrating with web services on the back end, running on Microsoft Azure
  • we played around with on-line debit card payments - when the front end did not have its own database
  • in 2012, we added a mobile version for smartphones and other mobile devices
  • in 2013, we expanded the system to Russia and we had to figure out how to integrate with Russian banks
Chytrý Honza, s.r.o., 2010

A unique web application which allows registered uses to compare their expenses with the expenses of other users in the same demographic and find optimal suppliers within their respective area. It provides the user with an overview of areas in which he/she can reduce expenses. The application is integrated with other verticals belonging to the Chytrý Honza (Clever John) group, including calculators for housing, insurance, banking.

  • we carefully listened to the demands of clients and created an application covering all verticals
  • we played around a lot with the attribute core allowing John to easily add individual expense area and their respective parameters (including all formulas between them)
Honzova půjčka, s.r.o., 2010

Server for comparing and and negotiating bank loans. Our first product for the family of Clever John products.

  • typical turnkey solution, from analysis to operation
  • the most difficult part for us was integrating with the GE Money Bank affiliate program, but we did not give up and succeeded in the end, Pricetown, s.r.o., Allegro CZ, Naspers Group, 2010-2011 is a real estate server operated by international internet group Allegro, which operates, the largest online business platform in the Czech Republic.

  • we took over the project from the existing development team and implemented numerous improvements
  • after the project consolidated, we put a lot of work into the client's call center system, which manages the progress of each individual business case
  • we also tackled ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework technologies, which are not part of our daily routine
  • we cleaned up and extended the interface for importing real estate listings and integrated several other real estate agencies
Edenred - Poukázky za kartu

Poukázky za kartu

Edenred CZ s.r.o., 2010 - 2011, 2015

The application allows Ticket Benefit Card holders to exchange their balance for paper vouchers.

  • quick project, simple application
  • we played around with the XML-RPC integration to the Pacasso payment system, which is a joint product of Edenred and MasterCard
  • we are also connected via the web service to the Distribution back-office system, managing the production and distribution of vouchers within Edenred
XEROX e-Documents Workflow

XEROX e-Documents Workflow

XEROX CZECH REPUBLIC s.r.o., 2010 - 2018

Application for electronic document workflow (preparation and approval). Indexing and approving received invoices, archive of issued invoices. Preparing and approving calculations, quotations, travel orders, vacations and other documents. Generating content-based labels for documents.

  • the tailor made application is used to deal with workflow situations that no standard application could ever cover
  • we created a robust core with a workflow engine and module for SAP integration, which will allow the easy implementation of any new document type
  • we put a lot of work into delegations and escalations, no received invoice (not even ours ;-/) will go through Xerox without being approved by our system and we are preparing outputs for the wage system from vacation data
  • at the beginning of 2011, we expanded the system to XEROX Slovakia - it was interesting to resolve the overlap for certain workstations within both branches, or the differences in the workflow for certain documents
Elektronické tržiště INFORM

INFORM electronic market

MEDIATEL, s.r.o., 2009

System for collecting, releasing and distributing business opportunities (supply and demand). The business model is based on paid priority user access to the identification data of clients that submit inquiries and on the paid service of submitting offers.

  • veni-vidi-vici, starting with analysis, continuing with implementation and ending with maintenance
  • we particularly enjoyed resolving the dynamic attributes of business opportunities in the different fields of activity. If you are looking for IT services, you fill out a different application than when you're selling a car
  • we played around with the integration with the Informa back-office system, running on Sybase
  • the proverbial cherry on top was the import of public contracts from various external sources, including the parsing of web pages :-)
"Chci Vám touto cestou poděkovat za naprosto bezproblémovou spolupráci při tvorbě aplikace "elektronické tržiště". Velice oceňuji profesionální přístup pracovníků Vaší společnosti, především pak jejich invenci a vstřícnost při řešení sporných oblastí zadání.
Jednoznačně se potvrdilo, že vítězství společnosti HAVIT, s.r.o. ve výběrovém řízení na tento projekt bylo zasloužené. Naše společnost velice oceňuje, že tak náročný projekt byl dokončen podle plánu a v kvalitě, která naprosto předčila naše očekávání."
Tomáš Rýc, manažer elektronických médií, MEDIATEL, spol. s r.o., divize Inform CZ

Centrum Holdings, s.r.o., 2008 - 2013

After merged with and the internal development team of Atlast came apart, we took over the entire platform and production .NET system of this segment.

  • trouble-free, non-conflicting platform takeover from the existing developer team, thank you
  • we enjoyed examining, repairing and making updates to tons of existing source codes
  • keeping the entire commercial platform and company register catalog up was a challenge for us
  • we were enthusiastic about porting Atlas search to Google Search technology including AdSense
  • besides development tasks, we were also assigned to sysadmin the infrastructure of several racks with tens of Window Servers as part of several web farm frameworks, plenty of SQL machines as well e-shop

Metrostav stavebniny, s.r.o., DDM Group, 2008 - 2018

Originally an online store selling promotional items within the Metrostav group (DDM Group), gradually expanded selling protective aids and items on the side, in 2011, the store also included a wide range of building materials.

  • despite the original shop being done quick and dirty, it paid off not underestimating it and soon it became dignified core for today's online store
  • we really dug into the integration with Microsoft Dynamics Navision, we have a direct link to the database, transfers are executed by web services
  • thanks to the prepared line of components, the integration with GPwebpay debit cards was a piece of cake
  • intensive system development is ongoing, we look forward to further specifications
DSV Sales Tool

DSV Sales Tool

DSV Road ČR, DSV Air & Sea, 2007 - 2018

An application for quotations on road transport and CRM (DSV Road). Algorithmic calculation, generation, registration and evaluation of quotations. Registers clients, individual contacts with clients, tasks for salesmen. The application was expanded by the registration of quotations and CRM for air and sea transport (DSV Air&Sea).

  • we were particularly engaged in the algorithms for calculating shipping and handling costs for collection service and part-load regimes
  • we also introduced a collection service where the client can choose from a selection of expense options that is optimal for him/her
  • e-mail newsletters are sent directly to clients, generated from templates
  • the final major challenge was issuing tenders and bulk optimization for thousands of options
Accor Domiphone

Accor Domiphone

Accor Services CZ (nyní Edenred), 2007 - 2008

An application covering the agenda of providing caregiver services. Evaluating data collected from caregivers, reporting.

  • we enjoyed designing the multi-layer architecture of web services with the central database in France
  • we had to cope with the full online regime of server/server web services without the luxury of a local database
mBase Web

mBase Web

EXEC, a.s., 2008 - 2010

mBase system web interface, application for the aggregation of agency news and multimedia. The application is used in several other versions, including an invoice archive or archive for each issue.

  • we went all out on the AJAX user interface and the many shapes and forms of the search filter
  • we also manage to cope with the components specified by the client to access the DB and multi-targeting for MSSQL and Oracle
  • we enjoyed customizing the application into the form of an issue archive or invoice archive

Bontia Web

BONTIA, a.s., 2007 - 2018

The web part of the system for designing, buying/selling and making photo books and similar products. Presentation website, online store, credit card payments, coordination with other parts of the system. HeySmile was the original name of the project.

  • joint delivery with EXEC, a.s., which implemented the system core and off-line client for composing photo books
  • we were responsible for implementing the web presentation part of the project, where we really let go with designing the purchasing process with plenty of discount and sales incentive options
  • integration with GPwebpay and PayPal payment systems was just part of the routine
  • since 2009, the project was ported to the Kentico CMS platform, which to date we still have mixed feelings about (to say the least)

Metrostav stavebniny, s.r.o., DDM Group, 2007 - 2018

An application for the operating agenda of a tire shop with a front end for setting client appointments for available dates and times in the calendar.

  • one of our first modern applications which we used to fine-tune our BusinessLayerGenerator in 2007
  • it was particularly difficult to contain the component for displaying in the calendar, which was originally designed for an Outlook-style application, and not for a reservation system

Artium e-shop

Autronic, s.r.o., 2007 - 2018

Custom furniture and decoration wholesale online store.

  • integration with the Soft4Sale system by direct access to its MDB "database" was a challenge
  • injecting the collected data into the online store as a piece of cake
  • we managed to cope with the loading of orders from wholesale consumers (Sconto, Kika, ...)
  • registering orders to Soft4Sale was the next goal to achieve
  • ...but we cannot wait for the SQL version of Sof4Sale (several years now ;-/),,

McCann Erickson s.r.o., 2008 - 2013

Czech and Slovak presentation website for Nestlé's Maggi product line. Magazine, recipe catalog with search based on available ingredients, discussion forum, product catalog and others.

  • subdelivery of the technological platform and editorial system
  • we particularly spent a lot of time with the recipe catalog and the search feature
  • the processes surrounding the deployment to the Nestlé hosting platform were the most demanding in terms of labor

...and a ton of other projects we implemented since 1997. We're not that naive to think someone would actually be interested in continuing to read further. If you are interested in references from specific fields, ask us. ;-)

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