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Programming a specifically assigned application is a piece of cake. However, we do know we will never get precise application specifications from our clients. We strive in the art of designing systems, coming up with applications. We know how to listen to what the client wants, understanding the needs and processes, and create an application to make the client's life easier.

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When it comes to programming, we know our stuff. We know the key to creating quality applications and have pride in what we do. Our aim is to develop each application as if we were to hand over to another team of developers and not be ashamed of our product. We are well aware that the effort put in during the implementation phase will return abundantly within the next development and subsequent maintenance phase.

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We know our work is not done with the launch of an application. It's just the beginning. Each application requires maintenance and only an application, which continues to grow, stays alive.

We are prepared to take care of each application, whether it being our own, or tending to a client's product.

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We know application development

  • we enjoy programming and therefore strive for perfection and to create the best applications possible
  • we are not afraid making changes, because the application does not work correctly and meets requirements that are a month old
  • we know the purpose of software is to make life easier and solve problems - and the client's problem will not be resolved by explaining why something is not working, but by coming up with a solution on how to fix the problem
  • changing our own decisions and reworking the application is second nature to us
  • we have an established development framework and processes that no one will get lost in
  • we do not keep our skills to ourselves and share our experiences at developer conferences and teach others the art of programming
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HAVIT Knowledge Base is an environment, where we share information. Because we value those that post information, KB is accessible to the public.

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We use Helpdesk to manage support inquiries from our clients. With Helpdesk, you can enter your inquiries and track their resolution.

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